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To get more insight about the idea and purpose of this site, you may also read Timothy Chow's article published on Terry Tao's blog.

Klaus Schmid
2/21/2010, 2/28/2010

History of this site

In April 2008 Timothy Chow proposed in newsgroup sci.math.research to set up a web site where consumers of math books could "vote" for which books they would like to see come back into print. Then Klaus Schmid decided to prepare a first prototype of such a web site using the infrastructure of blogspot alias Blogger, belonging to Google. This was done rather quickly and the result was satisfying so far. To allow visitors to create their own voting, it seemed inevitable to create a new template from scratch.

With this new template including approximately 27 javascript functions and covering approximately 1000 lines, it seems possible to handover this site to one or more administrators, which may do the maintenance completely within the blogspot-web interface and without caring much about the underlying template and code. According to the development of this site, a documentation for high- and low-level maintenance will be prepared.

The template in use from July 2008 until February 2010 was based on a voting widget provided by Google. Each item was associated with a running number and the question "Would you like to see ... come back into print?" having three exclusively answers: barely, moderately, highly. Unfortunately this voting widget proved to be unreliable for long-term application. For some items the voting counters decreased for unknown reasons. Because no remedy was in sight and the situation was found to be unacceptable, solutions to replace the voting widget were investigated.

In February 2010 the recommendation widget supplied by outbrain was selected to replace the voting widget by Google. At the same time, the template was reworked to allow long-term usage of this site with no or only minimum maintenance requirement. The number of newly submitted items is now virtually unlimited without interruptions. All items, regardless their chances to success, can be submitted now in a single list.

To improve survey two labels were introduced:
for items, which are highly supported and probably with good chances to succeed,
for items found in print.

The star label was awarded to existing items based on the statistics 1/18/2009 according the rule:

(number of barely votes)*0.25 +(number of moderately votes)*0.5 +(number of highly votes) ≥ 83

No votes submitted via the new recommendation widget were considered, because only very few votes were present at this time (end of February 2010).

Items with many recommendations will be automatically linked on the top/right of the starting page (Most popular items, 1, 2, ...).