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8/02/2008 06:21:00 PM
Sandeep has left a new comment on your post "newitem":

Montgomery, Ten lectures on the interface between analytic number theory and harmonic analysis, ISBN: 0-8218-0737-4

Was #90, got 1 barely, 3 moderately, 11 highly votes until 8/22/2008.
Posted by Sandeep to outofprintmath at 8/02/2008 06:21:00 PM

This is the third book (from the top) which is available from the AMS.

Apparently, one needs to add one more option to the poll: this book is available.

Posted by Anonymous at 8/10/2008 01:48:00 AM

Confirmed (

Posted by outofprintmath at 2/21/2010 10:26:00 PM
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