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2/11/2014 07:43:00 PM
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HOMOTOPIC TOPOLOGY by A. T. Fomenko, D. B. Fukes, V. L. Gutenmacher

Posted by Anonymous to outofprintmath at 2/11/2014 07:43:00 PM

This is has been made available online by Mikhail Khovanov at the webpage for his Algebraic Topology I course at Columbia in Fall 2013-how long it will be available for free there is anyone's guess,but until someone yells copyright with deep pockets,download the sucker here:

Posted by Andrew L. at 3/25/2014 05:49:00 AM

A second English edition (translated from the latest Russian one) will be published in Springer's GTM in 2015/16.

Posted by Anonymous at 7/06/2015 04:47:00 PM

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